fredag 31 juli 2009

Since i was born they
couldn´t hold me down
another misfit kid ,another
burned-out town .
Never palyed by the rules i
never really cared
my nasty reoutation takes
me everywere
I look and see it´s not
only me
so many others have
stood where i stand
we are the young so
raise your hands
They call us problom child
we spend our lives on trail
we walk an endless mile
we are the youht gone wilde
we stand and we won´t fall
we ér one and one for all
the writing´s on the wall
we are the youth gone wild

måndag 20 juli 2009

Ska vara med Nathalie och Mimi idag!

Det var 100 årsen jag var med Mimi så det kommre att bli kulll!!! XD <33